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TOPIC: Glitter Jars

Glitter Jars 11 Jun 2013 18:57 #21

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Two part glues are good. That's what I used for Rainbow in the end. The one I use was Araldite, it stinks, and takes about an hour two fully harden, but she hasn't budged inside the jar at all, and it's been shaken rather vigorously.
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Glitter Jars 11 Jun 2013 23:37 #22

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The thing is I filled the tiny wine bottle with 3-4 layers of pink plastic pellets. It looked cute but after shaking it the glitter vanished under the pellets since they're lighter. I have no idea how to glue 30 or 40 of those things into place though. Of course I could try to make it into one solid item by pouring pva glue or transparent resin into the bottle - but if that doesn't stick to the bottle bottom I'll never get it out again, nor get it glued in place. :-\

Then I was close to putting a piece of whitened wood in (for some reason I imagine a tree in the water that the glitter can pearl off of) but thought about rotting just in time. Thought about making a tree from beads and wire too - easy to get in - but I'm not sure if the coated wire will last or if the tips will rust one day.

(originally posted 2 months later)

Oh well, here is my remade glitter jar. -_-

I started to dislike the large bottle of the first try so I snagged a tiny bourbon vanilla sauce flask from my hubbie and remade it. Thinking I was clever I made a groundcover from sand-coloured Fimo and anchored the seashell into it. Since the bottle is shaped so nicely I was convinced that it would stick to the bottom quite decently and not become loose. It looked soooo cute, I'm still sad I didn't take a photo of it!

Since I wasn't aware Fimo would shrink during the curing process I was in for a bad surprise when I added the glitter, water and two large plastic beads: The glitter ran behind the "sand" and now it's all around the bottle and it looks really messy. Another case of good idea, bad execution on my part. *sighs*
Strangely enough there's also glitter clinging to the glass from the inside now. It didn't do that before. Maybe it wasn't such a grand idea to reuse the glitter from the old bottle after letting it dry.

Still, I'll keep this one. Still have to seal the lid with some hot glue, then I'll go looking for a scrap of fabric and some ribbon to prettify the top.
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