Party, Party!

Dolltopia Outtake

Little by little, Eternia, Sinistra and Farrah Goodfairy freed more and more dolls from their packages. After they stretched their stiff limbs, most newcomers lended a hand. Additional dolls came from all parts of the room, lured in by the chaos, and it didn't take long before there was a small, nice party going in and around the unfinished dollhouse.
Everyone chatted, compared outfits and accessoires and discussed their opinions on what life may hold ahead for them now.


Dolltopia Outtake

"Alright, ladies, who of you still came with a brush she can lend me?" Robecca asked soundly around, even though she was a bit miffed. "Seems like these days that isn't something we come with."
"That's better for the environment, though", Venus McFlytrap injected, who sat on the floor besides her and watered her flesh-eating plants before they wilted. "Even someone who owns 50 dolls doesn't need 50 brushes. So much ends up in the wastebin!"
"Gee, I doubt the producer thought about the environment when making that decision. Rather about their wallet!" Robecca laughed when Faybelle called "Here, I had one in my box!" and tossed her a simple brush.
"Thank you! My, with such few bristles it's a wonder we don't look worse than before after brushing!"


Dolltopia Outtake

"You know what, we should celebrate Halloween!" the Barbies said, who curiously met up with the other dolls. "With so many monster girls around we don't even need costumes for the right flair!"
"Oh, I would like that! At Ever After High we never celebrated Halloween before, that would be new for us!"

"But on the condition that we also do a fairytale party one day for good measure!" Honey Swamp chimed in. "While there was a series of Monster Highs wearing fairytale costumes ones there isn't even one present in this collection. So that would be totally new for us, too!"
"Wow, good idea!" one of the chubby Baries said.

"On one of my forays I saw a box full of Halloween and autumn deco, we could use that", purred Kitty Cheshire, who had jumped from the shelf to say hi to the newcomers.
"Great! Wasn't there a whole group of Monster Highs in spooky circus outfits? Perhaps we could do a proper show!"

 Dolltopia Outtake

"If you help us set up the backdrops!" Frankie Stein wheezed. She and a few others had followed muted cries for help and they found something in a box. Together they had opened it and found the circus backdrop in which their friend Rochelle Goyle was trapped. They heaved the package down from the box.

"Oh my!" Barbie shrieked. "We've gotta help them, that's way too heavy!"

"Thanks, guys", Rochelle sighed gratefully. "I began to think I would be forgotten."


Dolltopia Outtake

"Then you have to help me get out too, please!" an unknown voice said. It was yet another packaged doll which was brought in by the giant Gooliope.

"Wow! Clawdeen! Where do you come from?!" Frankie exclaimed and rushed over.
"Newly arrived!" Clawdeen laughed. "You can't do a show without me!"
"Neither without me!" Gooliope chimed in, laughing. The loud voice of the giantess echoed from the walls.


Dolltopia Outtake

Sinistra was filled with joy as she watched the happily chatting people. Although she herself was shy she actually liked being surrounded by happy people, laughing about their joked. On her arm she carried the small Japo, a Pang-Ju doll. He was clingy and cuddly like a young puppy and in her opinion he was incredibly cute.
"I love this, Eternia", she mused.
"What do you mean?" the other one asked.
"I mean how well all of them get along although they're all so different."

"He he. If all of us were as good artisans as we're talkers we would even have the dollhouse finished by ourselves by now!" Eternia said, amused. The good mood was contagious.
Sinistra chuckled. "Und sewn two tons of clothing and modelled every accessoire!"
"Right! We would even do our gallery pics on our own! But what would the boss do if we send her into retirement?"
Now the elementalist broke into laughter. "She would still have to write the stories herself, wouldn't she?"
"Gee, I'm sure we have at least one writer amongst us."

"You're in a surprisingly good mood today, Eternia!"
"Why wouldn't I? Lots of new people but no competition for us. Sadly almost no accessoires which I could... err, lend, but oh well. The worst thing that could happen would be if we found a new Pullip."


Dolltopia Outtake

Farrah opened the next box and removed the inner package for Eternia to free the inhabitant.
And that was...
"Gah, beetledung!" Eternia howled.

"Well, hello there! Name's Amelia! How're you doing?" the Pullip called out happily.

Sinistra laughed so hard she almost let Japo slip from her arms, that's how much her sides hurt.
"Oh well, hearing you laugh for once must be worth it...", Eternia sighed.


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