May 25, 2017

First things first:

Server move incoming!

Norplex had a great offer for us and my husband is busy setting up the new server. Since there's a lot to do we can't say for sure whether the data move will happen this weekend or someday in June. Three things are sure, though:

- Eph's Den of Many Things and ALL other websites on my server (so the KiSS Cafe and the various Sims sites) will be unavailable for a few hours, max. a few days until all nameservers know about the new IP. So if anything is unavailable, check back later - I don't close and everything will be back!

- It is possible that during the move emails will end up in nirvana. So if you send me a mail and don't recieve a reply within 2-3 days better send the mail again. You DON'T have to mail me to tell me that the website is gone. I know that myself in that moment and you mail won't reach me, anyway. ;)

- Eph's Den is supposed to be updated to a newer Joomla CMS. Since it's unsure whether that will work in a test system it's possible that this website will be slightly broken, weird etc while we work on it or have to test stuff. For a few things things may stay that way for several days, even.
Once everything is fixed I will post an all-clear. If AFTER that you still run into problems and clearing your browser cache doesn't clear them up please let me now.
This is ONLY for Eph's Den, the other websites will not be changed, codewise.

So much for that. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


Apart from that there's not much to say. Lately there was a giant bunch of stuff in addition to the stressful house hunting, so I had even less time for the websites than expected. Emergency schedules for the trains messed up our everyday life and sleep routine equally, Bad Hoenningen already staged a few loud parties and completely ruined several holidays for us (even at night) and various hardware problems blocked my computer for several days each. First the scanner died, then the new one required a system upgrade to the newest Xubuntu for its drivers and then one of my harddrives failed. Luckily shit like that only happens every few years, so unless my monitor decides to die too things should be quiet for quite a while now. ^^
Actually, I have quite some things HALF done but don't find the time to finish the other half, e.g. taking photos for an article. I still try to get some stuff done here and then. Currently most of my efforts centre around the board game section, most of which is only available in German (partly for now, partly forever), sorry. Let's see how things turn out in the near future. Please keep your patience with me. As for myself, I can't wait until we find a house or apartment, settle down and I won't need to use 2/3 of the day to declutter and look at house offers. Finally being creative again - what a dream! Currently... I'm packing moving boxes again to be prepared when we find something.



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