March 21, 2014

Minis beim RealMy first news won't be that interesting to most of you since only German doll fans can get this. The supermarket chain "Real,-" has a new special event where you get collectable random items as a bonus to your shopping. This time it's "Real,- Minis", which are miniature versions of items they sell at their stores. Yes, they look much bigger on the posters with the little boy but in reality most of them fit a 1:6 dollhouse perfectly!

Of course these items can't be compared to Re-ment in quality, most of them are just cardboard boxes and of course it's advertizing of actual products. But they are for free and look really good in a doll kitchen, be it Pullip, Barbie or Monster High, and will look neat in my planned supermarket diorama too.

Some items are too large, as evidenced by the Kerry Gold butter and Fa soap. The chocolate bar is also rather a family pack. But as Giselda promptly stated: "I don't mind the size at aaaaall!" *munch* :)
Most things have - as you can see - a really nice size!


Now for the website news.

For a day I played around with various Joomla modules but couldn't find anything nice to add. I would have liked to add a shoutbox and an overview of new articles to turn these news into a nicer illustrated news blog. But there wasn't anything that I liked which also did what it should. I will find a way to show the newest articles so you don't miss out on new tutorials, stories etc, since I will write quite a few in the near future. As nice as photos are, a website should also come with texts. :)

There are still new pics in the galleries, I was busy with the sewing machine.

Graphics tabletsAs already mentioned I got a new graphics tablet. I couldn't exercise properly with it yet since the new Intuos Pro was too prone to scratching for my taste and I ordered a display protection foil right away. That finally arrived and now I can start exercising and also work more with the Manga Studio software. I hope that my husband will be able to put some of the most important functions on the tablet buttons this weekend, that would be perfect.
Here is a badly made comparison photo between my old tablet and the new one (still without foil).

March 10, 2014

There have been quite a few updates in the last days. Especially the galleries were fed with new stuff, there are ~100 new photos showing all of my new craft and art projects and the latest releases for Re-ment fans. Furthermore, since February the Sims section sporadically recieves updates again and Seekers and the doll sections recieved some texts.

As mentioned in the forum I'm stomping around my new graphics software with a bushwhacker, a magnifying glass and a handbook, trying to learn my way around so I can return to Seekers now as soon as possible. So far it is still very hard for me but it will get better with experience. Tomorrow or the day after I will recieve a new graphics tablet to complete the costly art equipment (unless I have to buy a new monitor after all, since the actual drawing space in the new software is really very scarce on my 19'' ).

This year a lot of time is eaten by the job change of my husband, so I'm afraid I have to ask you to stay patient with me. While he's writing job applications I have to clear out unneeded things in case we'll have to move rather quickly rather far for a new job.

Over the next days I'll keep adding stuff here and there so keep an eye on the gallery news and the forum since I don't always write a news post for every little thing. Hopefully I can add a list of recent texts (articles, tutorials etc) soon to make finding new content easier.

January 31, 2014

So. For most of this month I was busy with a very important crochet project and then I had a bad cold, there was my birthday on the 28th and now I have the bad cold again. Still, there's some news:

- Today I worked for many hours on the newest try to create a new font for Seekers. The result can be seen in the forum - where I will post all news about Seekers from now on. Things are slowly getting in gear now.

-  By now the Sims downloads are all uploaded here, the url was redirected and the old page was deleted. I tried to include a module which shows the latest files but so far it's neither pretty nor sitting at the desired place. Still, at least it works. Therefore I will start simming again starting in February. Update notices can be found in said list (on the main download explanation page) and in the forum.

- For my birthday I was allowed to buy a new sewing machine. That's very exciting and surely I will excessively abuse it for some more days before I can concentrate on other things again. ^^

- I have loads of new dolls and furniture sets and I'd like to realize a short story with Monster High dolls but when it comes to thinking up said story my mind goes blank.

03. Januar 2014

Happy new year to all of you!

Welcome to the upload marathon. :P
Currently I spent 5-8 hours a day on the computer and upload old stuff or work on updating old files. The Sims Download Center is already bursting and the galleries get fuller and fuller. I also work on some articles but to be honest I cannot write decently when my husband plays videogames or watches tv in the background, so I only write rough versions and will finetune them for publishing when he's back at work. ;) (He diligently works on the code for the Sims section though!)

My husband is still on holidays until January 09 and until then I won't announce anything special since of course I want to spend some time with him too after the exhausting holidays. (And also because I still have to move almost 600 more Sims files here...) So far everything looks good though for a good start on all fronts.

My Manga Studio program runs like a charm - even the 3D part. ^^d I still have to exercise a lot though and read the tutorials/ do the exercises before I can make my comics with it. But I'll make it! And there will be something new to see all the time in the meantime.

December 24, 2013

I wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year's in advance!

Today there are photos of my Xmas present, various other photos of dolls and crafts and re-uploaded old artwork and a new artwork in the Seekers gallery.

I'm not sure yet if I can finish the second picture today since I made a last minute decision to crochet two gifts and we're gonna bake cookies today. But I'll try.

My Manga Studio software arrived yesterday and I can't wait to dig deeper into it after the two holiday days! I also bought a small book in which I doodle every evening and I will take it with me tomorrow to have something to do on the train. 2014 will be so exciting! ^o^