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THEMA: [Craft] Rag Dolls

[Craft] Rag Dolls 16 Feb 2014 16:02 #11

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That is still one of the best photos ever posted here. ;D

I have a ragdoll in the works for quite a while too and I finally made some progress.
Meet SD Cato!
Yup, still nekkid! I decided to make the pants and vest separately. Her pattern is a reworked version of Miss Ugly. I'm still not satisfied. She looks like she's flailing and it was hell to turn her body over. Also not happy with the neck. So the next version will get an even wider body and probably less stuffing in the limbs.

As I can't give foolproof instructions I can't write a proper tutorial - there were things I couldn't do with the sewing machine myself. If that changes with the reworked pattern I'll write a tutorial. I did take photos of each step though and will write a guide and share the pattern, at least.
Also plan to sell this doll later. (Not the prototype, even her bustier sits aslant. But the reworked version. Once that pattern works I'll use it for the other female Seekers before turning towards the males.)
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