Dolltopia Outtake

"Oh my! Eternia! What're you doing there?! Don't tell me you're rummaging through parcels yet again?" Sinistra yelled in horror when she saw her friend balancing on a box.

"Of course I do! Just look at this! This parcel is even bigger than the scooter!" Eternia laughed and vanished in the box. "Whoa! Better step back down there, this is quite a large package, too!" she yelled shortly after and loud rumbling and scratching announced that the blonde was lifting the box's contents.

The elementalist quickly jumped back. "I don't know if this is a good idea! Don't damage anything!"

"Don't be such a scaredy cat all the time, Sinistra!"


Dolltopia Outtake

With a muffled noise the package hit the carpet, which resulted in an even more muffled shriek.

"What was that?" Eternia wondered while climbing out of the box.
"Uhm...", Sinistra was unsure.

"So? What is it? Is it for us?" Curious, the blonde jumped to the floor and eyed the purchase. "What's this?!"
"I'd say it is a carriage", Sinistra answered unncessarily. She was happy about the new vehicle. Now, this was more to her liking!
"Is that intended for us? That's rather for the Ever After Highs, isn't it?"
"Hm... Hard to tell. In my opinion it fits us, too." Sinistra's eyes gleamed. "Actually, I hope very much that I may use it one day! Just look at this cool horse!"


Dolltopia Outtake

"So that was a blank. Let's see what's in this parcel...", Eternia grumbled and rummaged through another box, where she found a new tennant quite quickly. "Damn, that isn't for us, either. This one actually matches the carriage quite well, I wonder if that was intended..."

"Err, hello...", Goldie Locks, the Ever After High doll, said carefully, "Would you please let me out?"
"Nope, not a chance! I don't get in trouble for opening parcels, but unpackaging dolls? No way!"
"I said no! Actually, you're of no interest to me anyway", Eternia snorted and folded her arms.


Dolltopia Outtake

Meanwhile, Sinistra kept ogling at the new carriage. "A carriage made from ice... Who could be the owner? I doubt it is Elizabeth's..."
A stiffled moan could be heard and it was just now that the woman noticed the princess. "Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't see you, the way you crouch on there!"
"Good day..."
"That looks very uncomfortable."
"To be honest, it very much is."
"Sorry about that. I hope you won't have to stay in this package for too long." Sinistra didn't have the heart to tell the lady that surely she wouldn't be allowed to keep her dress. 'If that doesn't end up on the craft table for refitting I'll eat my hat...'

"It's alright, thanks. At least my horse is housebroken."


Dolltopia Outtake

"It's impossible that there isn't something for us amongst so many parcels!" Eternia stormed over to a third parcels, which - for once - wasn't send from the Amazon, dug vigorouly into the packing paper and ripped it out.

"Prrrrrr! Wheee-heee-eeee!" Something big and brown happily jumped towards her and clapped its hooves. The blonde lost balance and fell on her bum with a frightened scream. "Waaaaah!"

"Oh, how cute!" Sinistra was thrilled on the spot. "Just look at its smile! And it can move!"

"I don't believe it! Another horse! Are we opening stables here or what?!" the other one ranted and stared at the animal with a look of disbelief.

The elementalist was overjoyed and patted the animals head, which was answered by a happy bristle. "I think I should grow carrots in the garden!"



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