Eternia grinned silently. Her housemate was so eager to learn and check every food label she could find. Surely it wouldn't take very long for her to find her way around Dolltopia customs.

When she was about to put the pizzas in the freezer she noticed the stacked shelves for the first time. "Geez, Sinistra, you really set up the kitchen while I was gone?!"
"Yes, I didn't want everything cluttering the table. And also... I fell over your boxes", she answered sheepishly.
"Oh, sorry about that", Eternia said automatically although she didn't actually think this was her fault.
"Ah, never mind! Like I said, I trip all the time. If not for your boxes I would probably have tripped over my own feet again", the young woman said with a sigh.
"Perhaps you should start wearing shorter skirts or pants then, perhaps that'll help!" The blonde shook her head in disbeliefment and closed the fridge before she took another look at the shelves. "Hey, my Tupperware! So you really went through my boxes too!"



"Sure, I was curious!" the elementalist admitted with a laugh. "But shorter fashion... I don't know."
"Hey, are you kidding me?!" Eternia said in an outrage when her eyes caught on to Sinistra's collection of plates, which was stacked on top of the fridge. "You huff and puff because of my pink mugs while you own pink plates yourself?!"
"Err... he he."
"They loo nice, though", the blonde admitted. She was relieved when she noticed that Sinistra even owned some cookware, since there were several things set up around the stove.



"He, cool, we have a kettle!"
"Yes, I can't find rest without my tea."
"And pots! Well, then you can get started right away! I even brought you an oven mitt, you see? That was a free gift today for all bulk purchases!"
"Err... Eh? What do you mean?" Suddenly Sinistra became serious and once again looked like a frightened doe.
Eternia was surprised. She said bemusedly: "Well, you cook supper, what else?"
"What?!" Sinistra exclaimed. "But... I can't do that!"
"Don't worry, I'll show you how the stove works. You can concentrate totally on the recipes in your head."
"But... that's what I'm telling you! I cannot cook!"
"What?! But you told the landlord...", Eternia's voice failed.
"... That I bake from time to time."
"Yeah, so I thought you can cook, too! How is it possible that one can bake but not cook?!"
"Because I only bake for spells! So, what about you?" It was Sinistra's turn to ask. "I thought you would take care of supper."
"As I told the landlord, I only know how to make raw fruit and vegetables! And I didn't even get much fresh vegetables, they were as good as gone already thanks to the broken shelf."

Both looked at each other, hungrily.
Eternia recovered first. "Damn", she said, "If only I had known... I should have bought a cookbook, shouldn't I?"
"Oh my, now we have a problem."
"Oh well... Good thing I also brought frozen pizza. I'll certainly get that done, somehow. Can't be that hard."
"Else we'll have toast. But it seems that we'll urgently have to learn how to cook", Sinistra sighed.



The doorbell rang.
"Who's that now, damn it?!" blustered Eternia. "I just want to eat something..."
"Shall I answer the door?" Sinistra asked.
"Don't bother, I'll do it. If that's a salesman I'll get rid of him faster than you!" Fiercely and dedicated to getting this handled swiftly Eternia stomped downstairs. Sinistra followed her curiously.



"Yes, who is it?" Eternia barked and pulled the door open with an artificial smile. In the last second she remembered that it might be her old landlord, bringing her some more stuff on his own accord.

There was no-one outside.

"Is it a salesman?" Sinistra asked cautiously from the corridor. Traveling merchants could be so annoying...



"Even worse!" the blonde exclaimed and angrily stood with her hands on her hips. Ding-dong ditchers! This is our first day here and first thing we get is a doorbell prank!"
"Ding-dong ditchers?" Sinistra didn't understand.

"Hello!" said a squeaky, flimsy voice in a happy tone.


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