Do you like chibi / sd models? Maybe you already have Super Dungeon Explore, Ninja All-Stars or Arcadia Quest in your collection? Or you don't have any sd models yet but you looove cooperative board games, like Zombicide, Forbidden Island, Legend of Andor, Mice&Mystics etc?

Then these two Kickstarter projects might be right down your alley!

Yokai Quest

Yokai Quest is a project by a Spanish game studio. It's a cooperative game for 1-6 players with awesome miniatures in a world inspired by Japanese folklore. Undead samurai, ninja and ghosts and monsters of all kind show up here. You get tons of free miniatures even on the basic pledge, the studio listens to critique and praise of the fans and tries to incooperate as many good ideas as possible before the end of the campaign, they always try to improve the game material and the rule book will be available in several languages.

Although the game is funded there is soooo much more stuff to unlock! If you like Japanese monsters done in a cuddly style and want a truckload of cool goodies too, please have a look!


Way of the Fighter

Way of the Fighter is neither cooperative nor sd style, on the contrary it's a 2 player game simulating a Beat'em Up video game like Street Fighter. Still, the campaign just introduced some Super Dungeon Explore characters as bonus! They even made a pledge level especially for those who only want those miniatures. Great thing, let's see how many there will be! Way of the Fighter is made by the same guys as Super Dungeon Explore, so the miniatures are high quality.


I want to see both campaigns succeed with as many cool minis as possible, so I try to advertize them this way. ^^