What a bumpy start into the new year! Since the end of October I was ill to very ill all the time and I didn't go to a doctor because I was only disappointed there for the last decade. One day I couldn't take it anymore, though - and the female doc here is the best! Instead of succintly telling me to loose weight to get rid of my palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness and a resting heart rate of over 100bpm like her predecessors she actually did some tests and found out that the dosage of my thyroid med was totally off. (Back when I was put on that dosage I weighed ~16 pounds more, ate a lot of soya and was on birth control. No doc cared to check on me and actually I'm pretty sure that this played a HUGE role in me breaking my leg, since the symptoms were the same then and they got worse and worse the more weight I lost.)
Since they were adjusted I feel better all the time, I can leave the house again, use the exercise bike, tinker and craft, think and most of all sleep at night without fearing that I won't wake up again on the next day!
I was so thankful I almost cried.
Now I have to catch up with a lot of things though, here on the website as well as at home! ^^

Alas, ever since then Dolltopia is back from its involuntary short break and seems to update every Friday right now, ha ha. Currently I only have photos left for one more episode though and I'll need some new custom-made characters very soon. Depending on the weather next week there might be a short break of 1-2 weeks in the updates.

Sims moved back to its own website, which can be found as always at sims.ephralon.de. I do plan to update again starting in March, but just sporadically.

Christmas and my birthday brought a truckload of new dolls to my home - Amazon had some amazing sales! I still have to take heaps of photos and I also got some duplicate dolls for customizing and want to try and learn some new things this year.

In the crafting department there's also a lot of photos just waiting to be uploaded and I just started a new craft called quilling.

I won't say anything about my other plans before they take shape, that way you won't be disappointed when I can't get all of them rolling in time. ^^ But I have big plans!