*some explosions can be heard closeby*
It gives me some satisfaction to annouce that Eph's Den of Many Dolls and Eph's Dolltopia have been destroyed today. It was a truckload of work but those two websites are now completely merged with this site too. Finally the photos of the old photo story won't hog all the slots in the gallery news anymore! (Which is a serious reason for me to never publish a comic of any sort within that gallery system.)
What's still missing now is Eph's Den of Many Sims (the code is still not quite ready to go) and the galleries and some tutorials from the old forum. Phew!

New is an album about needle-felting in the crafts galleries.

To my surprise Mo gave note of working on remodelling the gallery so I can upload the Seekers crafts to several albums soon. Well, and I thought he had died from being overworked with other people's projects and lied rotting in some corner by now! Heh! Obviously anyone can make mistakes!

About Seekers: There should be something new in the gallery tomorrow! I'm honestly concerned how TERRIBLE I draw after that long pause but I keep exercising and draw again and again until the lines stop being shaky and going their own ways.