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They decided to carry the kitchen table together, though.
"Phew, what a heavyweight!" Eternia groaned. "If it was at least as pretty as it is heavy..."
"Another thing you don't like?" Sinistra sighed, out of breath herself.
"It's okay, we'll just... cover it with a tablecloth", Eternia muttered and thought up an explanation that made her comment sound less mean. "It would have been nice though if we could have taken it to the garden from time to time during summertime to have breakfast there."
"Oh, that's true." The imagined scene made Sinistra's eyes shine. "Well, perhapy we can buy a folding table one day."
"What, you don't have one in your treasure chest where you also hide brims?"
"No, I'm afraid I don't!" The black haired woman laughed.

"Table or not - I'm slowly dying from hunger!" Eternia moaned. "How about we compare our tableware stuff now and then I'll quickly race off to the supermarket and get us a bite to eat?!"
"I think that's the best idea I heard today." The other one's stomach grumbled, too. "You start."
"Okay, I'll be right back."


Eternia brought two boxes and starting to rummage through them while Sinistra quickly scrubbed down the range. The elementalist wanted to get this done before she got too tired out.
"Now I'm curious what kind of things you'll conjure up", she said with a quick look to her housemate.
Eternia kept foraging. "Don't expect too much. I'm single and traveled a lot, so I don't own much."
"Let me guess, though - you still have pink tableware."



"So what? I love pink! And all other bright colours", Eternia replied and put several things on the table. Sinistra kept scrubbing and smiled silently when she heard the blonde say in her back: "Not everyone digs black the way you do."
"Oh, but black isn't my favourite colour at all!" Sinistra objected.
"It's not? I thought you were a goth, what with your black cape and everything."
"Black doesn't get dirty so quickly during gardening", the elementalist stated with a shyly shrug, "I can't exactly wear white in that case. Additionally, my friends mostly wear black, I think I simply adjusted my own clothes to their taste." Sinistra's brow furrowed. "Actually I never thought about what colours I wear. I'm not such a fashionista as my friend Nareen."

'I refuse to imagine what is fashionable in Sinistra's eyes...' Eternia thought with a shudder and asked: "So what is your favourite colour, then?"
"Hm..." The black haired woman had to think about it. "I think it's green. Or red. And gold."
"He, he, don't we all like gold?" Eternia grinned and sat on the chair. "I'm not in the mood for more searching. I'm pretty sure there's a few things in the other box but this here should be enough for an improvised supper. I definitely don't have more cutlery."

"Goodness!" Sinistra exclaimed. "Are those really... paper plates?"
Eternia mumbled an embarrassed affirmation and then called out in a funny way: "Hey, at least those are green!"
"You own sundae bowls and paper plates?!"
"Icecream is important..."
"Oh lord, what a hotchpotch!"
"We do have two identical coffee mugs, though. That has to count for something!"
"You won't believe it but we even have two identical plates. I own a brown ceramics plate like that, too."
"Wow, what a mutuality! We're almost like twins!" Eternia joked and Sinistra actually laughed.
"I can't eat from paper plates. I'll go and get my things."



"Wait!" Eternia called out to her when she just entered the corridor. Sinistra looked around the corner. "What is it, Eternia?"
The blonde's stomach grumbled loudly which would actually have been enough for an answer. Eternia said: "Isn't it better if I quickly dash for grocery shopping? I haven't had anything to eat since breakfast."
"I totally forgot about eating too, due to all the work", Sinistra admitted. "Alright, you know your way around the supermarket better than me. Go, whilst I'll go looking for my things."
"If you want you can go through the second box and see if you find more of my other stuff." The blonde pointed towards the other moving box. "If you have something nicer than my stuff and it's in your way feel free to put it away."
"Without checking back with you on placement?"
"I'll find my way around things, it's just the kitchen. Just don't throw anything out, okay?"

"I'd never without your permission! But next time you'll take me with you to show me around the supermarket, deal?"
"Err... If you truly need someone to hold your hand there..."
"Back in Yonar there are no supermarkets! Now, if's there a farmer's market nearby, that's a thing I'm good at!"
"Alright, alright..."
"Do you have money left for groceries?"
"Why, do you have some more?" This drew Eternia's interest.
"No, you recieved everything I had."
"Well, then the rest of that and what I have myself will have to do. Don't worry, we won't starve."
"Then I'll see you later!"
"Yes, later!"
Both women went to work.

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