I'm a mermaid!

Dolltopia Outtake

Meeshell Mermaid lived up to her reputation when she danced along the beach in a good mood and singing.
"Oh, what a wonderful day!" cheered the Little Mermaid's daughter. Once again she dreamed of standing an a large stage and infatuating everyone with her voice. She was known to be a fantastic singer. "The room is great, the boss is nice and the other dolls will be delighted to meet me! I'm a mermaid, after all, and thus something truly special! A sparkling star in the middle of a great collection!" Oh, how much she was looking forward to her role!


Dolltopia Outtake

"Oh, hi! Welcome to the beach party!" Kala Mer'Ri said calmy, with a casual wave towards the newcomer, her tentacles curling and twisting.

Meeshell had her breath taken away. She didn't even notice her handbag slipping from her numb hand. The whole beach was full of merfolk! Women, men, even a teenaged water monster! They all chatted with each other and exchanged their experiences with the best pools and seaside resorts.

"Oh my...", Meeshell gasped.


Dolltopia Outtake

"Everything alright?" Kala asked, but Meeshell could only stare. Merfolk everywhere! Contrary to her all of them had proper fishtails, too! All of a sudden Meeshell felt so small. She had never seen creatures such as these.
Toralei did the same in her role as a catfish as she did as a cat - she held her face in the sun and enjoyed the warmth. Peri and Pearl Serpentine used their two heads to chat with Draculaura and Clawdeen about two completely different topics at once.

"So many mermaids! Where do they all come from?!" Meeshell asked in disbelief.
"Most of them are from Scarier Reef, like me. Except for Lorna McNessie, she's from Loch Ness, Rotland." Kala was way less impressed by the others. "More guests are scheduled to arrive later."

"Even more?!"
"Indeed, several sea monsters from Monster High, a mermaid Barbie and some weird horses..." Kala winced a bit. "Also, those Pullips over there are busy unboxing another newcomer."


Dolltopia Outtake

"Thank you so very much for your help!" Posea Reef took a deep breath as Sinistra helped her leave her box. Eternia hat cut the straps and was now busy with getting the clear cover out of the way.

"It's our pleasure!" Sinistra assured her happily and waved it aside. "Welcome to doll beach!"
"Thank you! Oh, all my friends are here, too!"


Dolltopia Outtake

"Hello my dear friends!" Poseidon's daughter adressed the others from Scarier Reef with a broad smile. "What a great convention!"

"Let's put this away and then buzz off, Sinistra", Eternia whispered towards her housemate.
"Sure, let me help you! Why do you steak so silently, though?"
"I want to go out to eat with you and don't want to be heard by the others around us." She took a peek at Kala, watched the jumble of her swaying tentacles. Then she also looked at the fishtails and tentacles of the others and gulped.
"Oh, why is that?" Sinistra wouldn't mind if anyone wanted to join them.
Eternia leaned over even more and said: "Because I have a terrible yearning for seafood!"



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