August 04, 2015

Oh my, the latest news are from March. Sorry about that. On the other hand, there's not many positive things to be told.

We got rid of our old flat by the end of April. Here in this health resort live is way louder than in the inner city of Essen, thanks to permanent ship traffic and most of all due to the numerous festivities in the next village that often don't end before early in the morning. (45dB at 2:30am in our whole flat, while all windows and shutters are closed - we're so thrilled! / sarcasm)

To make up for that there's not a single interesting shop here (sarcasm again!) and I totally misjudged how far away the next city is. I haven't been to a city even once and only leave the house every few weeks to go to a doctor - which I have to do more often thanks to bad sleep and stress. I knew beforehand that my body doesn't like to change location but that three months are still not enough to get used to the new climate - ugh.
Add a big dose of homesickness to that, I still cry often. I never liked Essen much but I miss the handful of good shops I actually had there, and I even more miss the handful of truly nice shop assistants there. After buying my comics from Gele at the ComicZentrum for 19 years I feel like a traitor when I have to order my Case Closed manga at Amazon now. *sighs*

But it can't be changed, this was still the only decent flat that turned up in over four months searching, and five hours of daily travel just wasn't reasonable for my husband anymore. That we have more time for each other again is the only good thing about all this.
If this was the Sims I would re-locate the house to be 2-3 train stops closer to Bonn - to Bad Godesberg, for instance, and further away from the river. Since, sadly, this is real life we have no other option than to move again in a few years.


Although my creativity has hit an alltime low I'm actually quite pleased with the amount and also with the quality of new material that I made for the website over the last few months. Admittedly I have no urge to draw right now, but writing is nice too and if some people don't like doll photos with stories I simply can't help it.
Dolltopia just started out and I will write lots and looooots for that.

I didn't give up on Seekers but right now I just don't feel it. It's been ages since I last drew anything and I need so much exercise... Once I find some time for it I will sit down and try to write up the whole story as a (German) novel. Either I get the urge to draw again from that or there will at least be a (German) novel. Doh.

Didn't give up on Sims fully either, but I have to dig through tons of chaos and currently don't have the nerves for that. My hubbie also doesn't find the time to finish the re-coding of the download center, and thus Sims will probably move back to a separate website again pretty soon, because the way it is presented now it's neither convenient to download nor pretty in any way.

As you can see I added a category for tabletops and board games, although there isn't much inside yet. My husband and I just rediscovered this old hobby of ours and we also love to play cooperative boardgames by now. So this category will grow some.

My animal and plant photos, however, went into the void. I deleted almost all albums with photos and the rest will probably follow soon - except for my gerbils, they may stay! I just think that those photos don't fit in here and there are billions of pretty animal pictures on the web. I'd rather like to expand my artwork, that's more personal and unique. You don't need my shoddy snapshots.

Once my husband can show me how to turn sewing patterns into pdfs that automatically print at the correct size I can finally turn towards those - I have a big folder full of sewing patterns and step-by-step photos of doll fashion!

Now I'm actually not sure what I want to say with this entry, but Mjkj said it's been so long since I wrote something here.
So, tl;dr: Flat isn't as great as we though, Eph is not at the peek of her physical and creative heights, website is still growing and let's see where this ship goes.


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