November 18, 2016

Well, the silence here is deafening!

I'm truly sorry about that, but this year turned out to be quite a rollercoaster! The flooded basement kept us busy for months, the extreme noise pollution by the party spot in the neighbouring village once again ruined the whole summer for us and cost us many nights of sleep, and overall we're just unhappy with our living situation.

So we're looking for a new abode, and since my husband finally has a permanent contract at the university (that was the best news in 20 years after all those fixed-term contracts!) we're for the first time in our lives in a position where we can think about buying a house or flat and so our next move is supposed to be our last. As nice as thinking about finally taking roots is, though, as hard it is to decide for the right thing and then find it. For months there's nothing but stress and so far there isn't an affordable home on the horizon, mostly due to the problematic situation with free lots close to Bonn (but sure, also due to our requirements. Something that requires us to take a credit MUST be the perfect thing!) Over the last few months, every free minute we didn't spend with house search either went into decluttering for the next move or into crocheting rattles for babies, since that earned me a little pocketmoney.
To complete the stress I had some "funny" hickups, e.g. my graphics card died (okay, after 11 years it had done its duty...).


About the proclaimed server move, our provider did NOT contact us about our order and so we don't have a new server yet and thus didn't move the website(s). Why our order is ignored - no idea. Up to then their service was always great but this time something went wrong. Calling them and getting to the root of it is a bit drowned out by all the other stuff. I'm done with the digital backups and decluttering, though, so once we'll get a new server (just not as cheap as the ordered one) we'll be ready to go.

For the rest of the year we'll take a break from looking for an estate to get some other delayed things done and also to decompress. So I finally come around to write some things for this website! I have soooo much material to edit! Of course I also have to sew a few Xmas gifts etc, but over the next weeks there will be some move on Eph's Den! I have photos, sewing patterns, crochet patterns, material for the board games/miniatures section and and and, and I HAVE to edit some of that because else a) I'll burst from impatience soon and b) the chaos on my harddrive will never get better. ^^ There's so much old artwork missing in the galleries, too... Oh, to have time to draw, that would be nice. Well, if nothing else I'll have time once we've found our home and moved!
Keep your fingers crossed that we'll find the right house/flat in 2017 and just drop by every now and then to see what's new in the galleries and articles. :)

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