This is a tabular short list of the latest updates on the website so you know when there's something new to read or if anything important happened. Seekers and Photo stories are included but gallery pictures are not since those have their own overview list. : )

10-02-2019 Oktober 02 2019 Accounts & Co (short info)
05-15-2019 May 15, 2019 (a sign of life from me)
10-10-2018 October 10, 2018 (EXTREMELY important announcement in the blog)
06-26-2018 Eternia and the mouse (Photo-Funny with dolls)
05-18-2018 Photo-Funny 4 with Miniatures (Photo-Funny)
04-06-2018 Customization - Chelsea and Obitsu (Doll report / customization tutorial)
  Photo-Funny 3 with Miniatures (Photo-Funny, their category has now been correctly moved to the Stories category and also separated from the Doll Photo-Funnies)
03-22-2018 March 22, 2018 (IMPORTANT chatter in the blog!)


02-12-2018 February 12, 2018 (IMPORTANT chatter in the blog!)
12-28-2017 Dezember 28, 2017 (Chatter in the blog)
12-07-2017 The Toy Miracle (Dolltopia Outtake / short story)
08-02-2017 Mini-Review: Swamps by GF9 (Terrain) (review / miniature games)
07-30-2017 Massive Darkness - Unboxing (unboxing of a new board game)
06-08-2017 June 08, 2017 (Chatter in the blog)
06-01-2017 Heads-Up: Zombicide Black Plague - Green Horde is live on Kickstarter! (Advert for a cool board game!)
05-25-2017 May 25, 2017 (IMPORTANT chatter in the blog about the impending server move!)
04-21-2017 April 21, 2017 (Chatter in the blog about the percieved malware warnings for my website some weeks ago)
                   I also finally made a proper introduction page for the board games & miniatures section.
04-04-2017 a new photo funny is online, this time it's board game themed
12-23-2016 December 23, 2016 (Chatter in the blog)
12-06-2016 Made a new category named "Photo-Funnies with Gisi & Toys" and moved all photo gags to there, also added some new ones
                   December 06, 2016 (Chatter in the blog)
                   About me translated (biography)
11-30-2016 Heads-up Chibi-Fans: Yokai Quest and Way of the Fighter Kickstarters! (Advert! Yup, really! Super cool stuff!)
11-21-2016 Review: Instant Mold (Board Games/ Tabletops)
11-18-2016 Party, Party! (Dolltopia Outtake / short story)
                   I'm a mermaid! (Dolltopia Outtake / short story)
                   November 18, 2016 (Chatter in the blog)
10-11-2016 New neighbours are great (Dolltopia Outtake / short story)
07-26-2016 The Sylvanians move in (Dolltopia Outtake / short story)
07-25-2016 July 25 (Chatter in the blog)
05-24-2016 Transport 2 (Dolltopia Outtake / short story)
05-23-2016 Transport (Dolltopia Outtake / short story)
04-12-2016 Customizing - Pullip and Obitsu (help article about customizing dolls)