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Seekers is an online comic in manga style which recieves new material in irregular intervals and which is the main purpose of this website. It's a fantasy story with a lot of romance but also healthy doses of humour, action and horror, a story of bold plans and shattered dreams.
It's the story of Giselda, a young and naive wingling who comes to a big city and has to grow up inexpectantly when things don't turn out as she imagined.
It's also the story of a group or mercenaries and adventurers who get tangled up in a series of events that change the lives of everyone involved forever.

Parental Guidance: Contains nudity, sex, violence, swearing and occasional outbursts of inbearable cuteness. Suitable for ages 15+, I'd say.


Wacky Winglings

This section is all about SD strips!

SD means "super-deformed" and refers to the Japanese style of drawing characters with oversized heads and chubby, tiny bodies.

The Wacky Winglings are just funnies for enjoyment, published irregularly. Some of them parody scenes from the comic, others are about regular problems sd characters encounter or they are *just funny*. Often you will meet Seekers characters at the place of a certain lazy comic artist where they wreak havoc of all kind.

Some sketches may contain spoilers.