Dolltopia Outtake

"Okay, now we finally should be the last ones here!" Eternia said it confidently and she grimaced when she actually saw someone approaching them.

"Oh, hello!" Sinistra greeted the teenager courteously. "Seems like there still is someone! We are Eternia and Sinistra, and who are you?"
"Okita. Souji Okita", the teenager said. The style of his clothes was of the Japanese Edo period. His gaze brushed over Eternia full of mistrust.

"Oh noes. Nope, nope, nope!" the watched grumbled silently to herself. "Now it's shinsengumi on top! Just how many guard services are there in Dolltopia?!"

Sinistra ignored the hushed rumblings of her friend and asked friendly: "How come I never met you before, Souji?"
"That's because us Isuls are totally ignored in the galeries", he answered calmy. "Well. And I had to get my kimono back from the boss first, who insisted of making a sewing pattern from it."
Souji didn't look happy.

Dolltopia Outtake

"Hello hello! Just in time for the last box, huh?" another man greeted. His looks were very weird.
Eternia's jaw finally dropped all the way to the floor. "Now, who the heck are you?! Are you new?"
"Eh, no, to the contrary. I'm part of the team for almost forever!"
"That can't be true. I know everyone who's lived here for a while." Eternia didn't believe him.
"But it's true! My name is Remus."

Dolltopia Outtake

"You don't even wear shoes. My opinion stands, you're a liar", the blonde said harshly. "Or do you have a barefeet fetish like Natsume?"
"Ha ha, no. I'm just the sewing model for male clothes!" Remus explained with a laugh. "That's probably why you've never seen me before."
"Hmmm..." Eternia grabbed his shirt and looked at the care label. "But those are clothes of Barbie's boyfriend!"
"Yes, I know. The last projects were all for Isul, but I neither wanted to move flats naked nor bald." The young man cleared his throat and adjusted his hastily put on wig.
"The more you know!" Sinistra said perplexed.

Dolltopia Outtake

"I'm sorry that you must do such a boring job", the elementalist added in a friendly tone, "but I hope you're also aware of how incredibly important your job is."

Remus laughed again. "He, I probably had more adventures than you! I was with the boss in hospital, joined her on the search for a flat in Bonn and have been to university." He winked and followed Souji, who had grown bored of the chat. Then he stopped dead in his tracks and added in a low voice: "I get to know things, you know. For example, I also know that poor Souji over there will have to run around half naked again soon enough. The boss wants his Hakama."

"He, what was that?" asked the teenager, who waited at the box.
"Oh, nothing, buddy!" Remus winked conspiratorially at Sinistra and followed him.

Eternia stared into the void. When they were alone again Sinistra asked: "Eternia, are you all right?"
"Err, oh yeah, sure." The blonde was startled. "It's just... Do you think all those Make It Own Taeyang and the second hand ones from Ebay will show up, too?!"
"Oh!" Sinistra's brow furrowed. "That would be quite... err... Would you mind?"
"Yes!" Eternia yelled promptly.
Sinistra was surprised. "Oh, really? A whole gang of nude men would not be to your taste?"
"You mean of whole gang of nude men WITHOUT FACES! Of course that would not be to my taste!" Eternia shuddered. "Waaah! Spooky!"


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