Time for an update again!

I finally start to settle in here. Yep, it's still as boring and miles from anywhere as before, but at least now that winter is on its way it's getting more silent and I get used to having to buy everything by online shopping. By now we don't have to spend every weekend setting up stuff anymore.
At the beginning it was hard to snap out of the lethargy and depression, but once you grab yourself by the neck and force yourself to do a little something every day it starts getting easier over time and you start to do more and more each day. :) By now I'm so busy that even health problems usually can't stop me from finding something to enjoy that day.

The only thing that slows me down is the weather. Currently I have most fun working on Dolltopia and I fill the rainy days with sewing, crafting and various work on the backdrops, but to actually take photos it's sadly too dark most of the time. Therefore the long pause since the last update. Over the last days I had two short time-windows with bearable light conditions and I took some episodes in advance. But even this material will only last for three or four episodes.
Well, I'm patient! As soon as I'll see another chance I'll take more photos! ^^
I hope there will be some nice sunny days eventually and that I can take so many photos in advance to update Dolltopia regularly once a week next year. That would be great but it also depends a bit on how the story develops. When you have a good stock of photos it's not a problem when you run into a scene that requires a handful of new props, but when the story suddenly calls for 20 new things and a new backdrop plus props on top of that things can get tight. So I won't announce anything before I'm sure to be well armed. So let's see how the weather will turn out in the upcoming weeks! ^^
The best thing about photo stories for me is still that you only have to craft/sew things once. With each new backdrop, character, piece of clothing or accessoire the pool grows and future stories become easier.

Apart from all of that I'm still busy with handiwork, especially sewing and crocheting, but for the time being that only results in new photos for the galleries. After the move I still haven't found all of my unfinished projects or all the documents for them and thus the Seekers ragdolls and crochet dolls have to wait until next year.

Since I'm in the process of learning some new digital "tricks" for Dolltopia and thus have to reconnect my graphic tablet to the pc it's pretty likely that I'll start doing some Sims stuff in the near future too and new artwork for the gallery is also not out of the question!

Have to admit though that Disgaea 5 is on its way to my postbox. Those who know the Disgaea video game series will know what tremendous time-eaters these games are. I will try not to get lost in this one as much as I did with Minecraft. ^^


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