Ladies and gentlemen,

once again I can only apologize for my inactivity and announce that this will be the state of things for a while longer.

A little while ago there were heavy storms and floods in and around our area and our room in the cellar was flooded. Apart from several hundred Euro in damages and sadness about the loss of some unique things (e.g. handwritten novels I wrote back in school) that also causes a ton of work.

Additionally we finally ordered a new server since the current one is quite old by now and failed a few times in recent years. That means work too since there's a lot of old data that needs backups and sorting. (I will warn before the actual data move separately, since my websites won't be accessible for a while during that phase.)

Last but not least I'm ill and tired. Constant sleep deprievement and stress from noise (especially from events in the village opposite to ours and the neighbourhood, but also from very heavy ships) and shit like the cellar room and frustrating weekends where we can't spend any quality time due to too much noise and/or sleepless nights really gnaw at my substance. For us it's impossible to sleep with up to 80dB of music at 3am and when the noise restarts at 8am right away you only exist in zombie mode. My thyroid, for instance, is completely messed up again after only two good months and I suffer from several bad symptoms.

Let's see when I can continue Dolltopia, at least. I hope to publish at least the odd outtake now and then but I'd prefer to work on the actual storyline ASAP.

At least the events will cease in late October for some months again, so I hope I'll be able to get some things done over the winter.

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