Whee, today I have to rearrange some things!

The Photo Wacky Winglings merged with the Dolltopia Funnies into a single category. From now on, you can find them in the shiny new menu "Photo Funnies with Gisi & Toys". I know, the name doesn't flow so well, let's hope I'm more creative in other things. ;)

Why is that? Because Giselda is still the only finished Seekers doll and thus could only go on adventure alone or with other dolls. Nareen, however, is a Pullip and was thus scheduled for the Dolltopia Funnies. Due to that I have some gags rotting on my harddrive for almost a year because I couldn't decide whether they're a Photo Wacky Wingling or a Dolltopia Funny!
Now they are happily merged (there are some new ones, btw!) and I decided to write "toys" instead of "dolls" since action figures could make some funny yokes sometimes too, who knows!

My husband and I dived head-on back into the miniatures hobby after a 10-15 year long break. So much to do for that now!

I must admit though, I'm very unhappy lately about the time it takes to translate everything to English when there's 0 feedback. The only comments from English-spoken folk are for Sims (which moved back to its own website long ago) or made by spambots. That's a very peculiar change from before.
So from now on I will publish everything I do in German right away and will only do translations right away if it's unique and/or important content (like Dolltopia, crochet instructions, these news or any comics), the rest I'll translate when I'm bored or someone explicitly asks for something. I do understand that many things I write are not very interesting for you guys, since there are countless English blogs and Youtube channels covering dolls, board games etc, but there is not that much material of this kind in German and so the German part of the website is my main focus of attention.
There are things which I will never translate, e.g. board game reports and short stories - my English isn't good enough to translate prose (it's bad enough in Dolltopia!) and the reports are just a funny side thing. To avoid confusion, the menu points for these things are not visible in English.
Rest assured that any kind of comic or photo story will ALWAYS be translated (although not always free of errors, lol).

Currently I work on the last few Xmas presents and keep hoping for some sunnier days. It seems that mother Nature has no plans for that, though, so I guess I'll have to ponder on how to put up enough lamps to lighten up the table. I need photos to finish sewing patterns, articles and other tutorials! ^^

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