I wish you all very happy holidays and a great new year!
Thanks to everyone who posted comments and supported me - most of all the biggest Seekers fan in the world, MJKJ, of course!

Time to think about the new year!

While I would have loved to do way more updates in 2016, the flooded cellar and some other things put a brutal stop to that. As I mentioned previously, we will intensify our efforts to buy a house next year and that means there will definitely be a lot of stuff that will gnaw at my time and energy. So for 2017, I keep it as with 2016 and promise nothing, so I can't disappoint later.
Still, here's a bullet point prognosis of what will happen:

What will not happen:
- Seekers
- long stories
- big new projects such as homebrewed campaigns for games etc
- Sims - I don't quit, but right now I neither have time nor interest

What might happen:
- fresh reworks of old Seekers artwork, new sketches
- short stories (99% of them probably not in English, though)
- photo funnies
- old artwork of mine if I can find the bigger scans or the originals
- generic board game material for print-out, like doors, markers or floor tiles

What will definitely happen:
- Dolltopia
- Dolltopia Outtakes
- various tutorials and sewing patterns (yes, the groundwork is currently being done!)
- photos of original (not customized) dolls
- photos of painted metal and plastic miniatures
- reviews of board games
- various articles about dolls, doll house, modelling accessoires or whatever keeps me occupied at that time

Of course there's the possibility of one or more things surprisingly finding their way to the website, after all. Perhaps I can squeeze in one wish project or another and Giselda's fans can be happier than expected, or I get a sudden urge to spend a day making Sims stuff or drawing a Wacky Wingling. Perhaps we end up finding the perfect house promptly, though, and there'll be exactly zero time for anything between renovations, bank appointments and moving. We will see.
What I know with absolute certainty though is, that the weekly board game sessions with my husband do wonders for me. Afterwards I'm always totally giddy and creative, which is great for my other hobbies. I'm a bit worried that my dolls are thrown under the bus right now a bit too much, but currently I divide my raising energy very well between all kinds of stuff, and the natural consequence of games was drawing comics and writing stories back in the day. so things looks quite well for the future, even though there are a few stumbling blocks in the way of moving and co. on the road first. That won't last. :)

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