Just when you start to think you're almost done... :P

I was almost done cutting all miniatures for our freshly bought boardgame "Shadows of Brimstone" from their sprues and gluing them together, when we found a shop that still had some currently out of stock items in stock. And whoooooooooosh, my whole desk is lost under a pile of stuff again. Oh well!

Actually, I don't have anything substantial to tell today. We looked at another house that wasn't a match for us, we had a long weekend with a holiday that was ruined by constand noise from a festival, but who wants to read that?!

The new server runs like a charm, the old one will be shut down soon and so far we DIDN'T manage to upgrade this here website to the latest software version. There will definitely be some more hickups and downtimes while we have to test stuff. So no all-clear yet!

Still, I tinker a bit here and there, also to find more potential problems. (For instance, in the beginning I had no admin rights to upload photos to the system, he he.) But there's nothing super duper to tell about - our whole life wraps around hunting for a nice house and preparing to move.
That I paint miniatures right now is actually just a shot at getting some old paint pots empty and get some order into the collection. I also crochet a bit to use up wool. I sew a bit to use up... you know. Somehow I do whatever I stumble over, and I don't have one ounce of free brain capacity to actually plan anything. I believe if finally find a house that matches us and is within budget I'll get a stroke. If I survive that and we're done moving, renovating and unpacking I guess I'll bother you all the time with countless updates. :P




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