I hope everyone had a merry Xmas and wish you all a happy New Year!

Over here, things are chaotic, as usual. Perhaps you noticed how my website went bonkers for a day a while ago - that was our try to update Joomla to the latest version. Afterwards NOTHING worked anymore, no matter what we tried, so we kept uploading our backup and trying again. But nothing worked. After the update all translations were broken and depending on your browser everything was either German or English and the gallery was gone altogether.

By now we are on a middle version which seemingly only broke the skin, which my husband fixed quite quickly. But just now, when I wanted to work on the galleries and finally upload a bunch of photos, I had to notice that the translation buttons went missing. As I see now that's the case for articles, too. Oh Joy. So currently my only means of adding English translations is by cumbersome tricks and so I'm afraid I have to postpone all updates. :( Luckily my husband is on holiday now, so I hope he can take a look at that in a timely fashion.
In any case, we'll try to upgrade to the newest Joomly again sometime soon, so don't be shocked if the website is a mess again one day. It can't stay technically in 2014 forever.
In the worst case I'll have to find out in what way the multilangual feature of the new Joomly is supposed to work (their instructions are utterly bad, if you can find some at all!) and put in all English texts anew.

Overall the annual balance of this website is shockingly bad. Such few updates here! I'm mega displeased, especially since we still didn't find a house to buy so far! So next year we'll start house hunting right again, and thanks to the translation problem I can't even do some quick updates to better my stats before the year ends.

There are good news too, though! We bought a 3D printer which already helps me with the board game section. But not only that, it also is a tremendous help for the doll house and thus will help me continue Dolltopia! Finally I'm not dependent on my questionable talents with a fretsaw anymore, phew! I also have some plans for other sections, but I don't want to talk about that yet. Only downside is, I still have to learn a lot about my various 3D programs to make my own things instead of just downloading them.

Regarding board games, there will be quite some content later, because we got so many new games we haven't even tested them all yet!

Overall I only prepared stuff in the background lately, though. There is a new custom doll for Dolltopia in the works (for the first time I make shoes, oh my!), several dozen pieces of doll clothing were sewn or made to fit from other doll lines, I screen and restore old terrain pieces from our tabletop days for future games and as backgrounds for the galleries. Sometimes I even plug in the graphics tablet and draw a bit, but for the most part I paint miniatures and terrain. There's also roughly 10 articles about various topics which are still unpublished because I'm missing the photos for them. Oh well, next year I'll get them done! To be honest, there are also some articles which still need translation, as they are only available in German so far.

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