To my sorrow, updating the website is currently frozen due to technical issues, although I actually have a lot of things to share right now.

Background: A short while ago, Russian spammers found a security leak in our ancient Joomla which allowed them to send spam mails with my name to other Russians via my server. So we had no other choice but to finally upgrade the software. A migration to the most recent Joomla failed several times, though, although we followed the instructions to a point. So we decided to take a step inbetween and for the time being upgraded to the final version of Joomla 2.5 (which is without support since the end of 2014, actually - due to all the illnesses, change of job and moving we really let this drag out!).

While that fixed the security leak, it brought new problems. The websites' skin was broken and isn't 100% fixed by now. Translations have become much more cumbersome because the translation module doesn't work right with this version. And - as I had to find out yesterday - all galleries stopped working on the English version of the website. I'm so sorry about that! We're trying to find the bug for a day now, but although we know now where the problem comes from we still can't fix it because we don't know WHY it happens. With 99% certainty this is another problem from the translation module.

Sadly my husband has a tight schedule this month, but we'll still try to migrate the website to Joomla 3 again on Feb. 18. It's quite possible that the website won't work that day and probably won't work 100% on the following days either. If the migration works this time we don't have to worry about this junk for some years - a Joomla 4 isn't likely to come out soon and we hope not every small update will create problems like these.
Then I can finally fix some things on this website, especially for the international viewers.
I don't want to think about what happens if we don't manage to get the migration done... Ugh.


Since we still haven't found a house to buy the year keeps being as stressful as the last and I still won't have that much time to work on this. I do my best.


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