As a little treatment there's the first brandnew colour artwork in the Seekers gallery today.
About the Seekers comic: Mark August 1 on your calendar - there will be all information about the new schedule and the changes in the comic then! Until then a lot will happen in the gallery though since from now on I draw and paint daily.

Bad news for the readers of the photo stories though: For the time being, I can't give a date for its continuation, or rather, for its reboot since the old story has been cancelled in favour of a better one that makes more sense.
First of, the script my husband works on can't display texts yet and he's totally dug under at work. Hard to tell a story without text.
Additionally, I decided to remove Nareen as a main character from the story and replace her with a new magician lady. First I have to create that character though, which means I have to order all kind of single parts, paint the doll and sew her a complete set of costumes.
I work on bringing the old Dolltopia Story to the gallery system as an archive. It's not that pretty but at least that way I can still preserve it for reading. The new story will probably not start for another 2-3 months due to the delivery times from Asia etc.

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