So, what's new today?

First of, an apology to those users who have been locked out lately due to their IPs being abused by bad guys for spamming, which put them on the blacklist of the spambot checking service "Sorbs". I removed this service as well as the IP check in general and hope that valid users won't be locked out again. StopForumSpam does a fantastic job blocking spambots by email adresses and everyone can end up with an abused IP one day. Blame my inexperience with Joomla for not noticing this before. Gomen ne!

Giselda und MarmeladeWhat else? Real,- still gives out Minis but lately I only get duplicates and things which are too big. Too bad when there's 59 items to collect. Trading Gilette for pizza package! *gg* (For real, last Saturday was a trading meeting and nobody was there. For once I had things to trade with me and nobody was there. Meh!)

Giselda only commented: "Gigantic megalomanic glass of marmelade? No problem, it will be gone in a minute!" *MUNCH!*

Oh, you wanted to know what's new on the website? Aaaaah, why didn't you say it sooner that you're interested in that. ;)
Starting today there's a new service in the Seekers category - as announced on the forum. The Doodles and Sketches Gallery gets a new entry each day. He he, that sounds weird when the first sketch is several years old, but starting tomorrow there's only brand new sketches lined up for you. I have enough sketches to last all through April and atm I plan to continue this without a time limit. This way I get my training and you get at least a tiny daily goodie until I have waded through the 758 pages of the official Manga Studio software handbook and fully understood how to make my comics now. :)

Actually I had planned to write some texts on various topics today but was lured by my husband to the city to send out Lirael's birthday present and to buy a new doll at Toys'R Us. *cough, coooooouuuuugh*
Count on some more news on this topic within the next days, though.

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