Real Minis

Today there was a big surprise in stock for me! I recieved a surprise package from forum user mjkj who really went to the (German) Real,- supermarket just for me to score some of the Mini freebies! At the same time our (highly inactive) coder Mo also delivered his booty to me. I was sooooo happy that I had to improvise a small shop and sent Giselda to shop. ^^

Many, many thanks! Yes, there were some new items!
Of course this isn't my true supermarket diorama - Giselda jets around Eternia's fashion store in front of some shelves jacked up with thread spools. It's just great though that she can really go shopping without the need of unpacking all the expensive Re-ments first. Once ALL of that sits together in a properly made store it will look royally great.
Isn't she twee with her shopping cart? Sadly it was a bit too small for Eternia but for her it's just the right size.

As a direct result a new small section with Photo Wacky Winglings will open up on Monday. I don't know if everyone will find them funny but humour is highly personal anyway.

There is also a new article, which is a tutorial for crocheting Monster High woollies. I "featured" it and thus started up the new overview page for articles. Let's see if I'll remember to "unfeature" it one day again and how the page will look once there's several featured articles. Time will tell!

The gallery sketches run for about a week now and you lazy buggers didn't even take a look (except for the nice mjkj *grins*). Let me tell you, with a workingreader morale like that you'll never see even one of the sketches turned into full-fledged art. ^^

There's also a handful of new photos - that's all I can do today but there will be more soon. Yup, I do work on the tutorial for making the sewn owlie, just have to add font to the actual pattern before I can finish it up and translate it.

Apart from that things don't go that well, sadly, since I suffer from quite serious problems with my back and tinnitus and next week is chocked full with visits to doctors and I'm quite a lot in bed. (4 weeks of nonstop screeching in the ears does wear one down.) Still, last week I published the brand new logo for Seekers in the forum and there's sketches floating around everywhere. Why don't you come in, we don't bite. : )

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