So, let's stop beating around the bush!

My (broken) leg doesn't annoy me as much as before but it's still giving me trouble in all kind of situations. The surgeon said it will take three years to fully heal.
In addition my husband is now unemployed and all decent jobs are so far away that we'll definitely move after he found a job and probation is over. (Also, I don't dare to set foot in the basement in this house anymore, as it was that ramshackle stairs I broke my leg on, so my husband has to do the wash. And the physiotherapist warned me of the 60 steps of the regular stairs here since they're very uneven. So even if the new job ends up being in this city we will move house.) This means that most of my time keeps going into training my leg and also into comforting my husband, uncluttering our household and even into packing moving boxes already - my energy level is still so low I rather do some of that work early while I can. I also try to finish as many of my numerous unfinished projects as possible so the components don't end up in various moving boxes later.

All of this means that I will definitely not come around to do anything related to Seekers this year. I'm tired, my nerves are worn down and I've got a truckload of stuff to do. I just lack the drive to draw and as I said before I want to get back into Seekers with all my power and not do a few pages and then take another break for moving etc. That only leads to mistakes.
There will not be any comic pages before March or even April 2015.

As for Sims, things don't look much better. I do have a few finished things lying around somewhere though, which I will upload once time permits. Then you at least have these few items.

Since I do need a LITTLE bit of fun though at least one big project starts:

Dolltopia - the new version of my photo story with dolls - starts this Friday!

This time with more dolls, more props and much more sense! Eternia gets a new roommate with Sinistra the elementalist, as Nareen retired.
Over the last weeks I worked hard on building a house backdrop and other new things for the story, Sinistra was repaired last minute (defect even before the start, unbelievable...) and today the sewing machine is running hot. I also ordered some small things to make the doll household better equipped.
If you wonder how I found the time to work on this then - most of the new props were on the list of projects to be finished anyway. I need a bit of fun after all the pain or I'll go crazy. And last but not least I only have to build props and clothes for the dolls once and then I can take a whole bunch of photos and write stories before I have to make the next item. Overall that takes up way less time than a drawn comic.

I hope you will have fun following that crazy doll soap opera. : )

EDIT Oct 17:

Dolltopia gets postponed a tiny bit to tomorrow, Saturday the 18th.

Ikea Essen suddenly carries the magnet boards that are perfect as basement in the dollhouse for the magnet boots of the dolls. I've gotta go there right away before they sell out - and since I'm fast as a turtle with my crutch...

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