Dolltopia outtake

"What's this?!" Eternia exclaimed horrified and threw her arms in the air. "The boss promised us a motorised surprise!"
"Hm, well, at least these two have two PS", Sinistra replied amused.
"That has to be a joke! Eph told me to save for a cool way of transport! She's got to be kidding me!"
"Okay, I'll tell you what I heard before you get any more upset."

"Please do!"
"So. According to Tamara, who resides at the livingroom currently, DHL 'misrouted' the parcel with our surprise and that's why it didn't arrive on Saturday."
"What?! Sabotage! And where is our parcel now?"
"Only the gods know. DHL at least keeps silent about the new date of arrival."
"But didn't I hear the doorbell this morning?"
"Sure, but that was only a new member from Monster High ."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, I saw her. She looks pretty cool."
"Sabotage!" Eternia said again, enraged.


Dolltopia outtake

"I don't understand your complaint. Back home horses were the most common form of transport." Valiantly, Sinistra got on one of the horses. Then she grimaced. "Granted, a carriage would be helpful. But riding can't be that hard, either. Care to join me for a ride?"

"Ugh... no, thanks. I don't particularly like horses."
"Whaaat? How can you dislike these noble creatures?!"
"Sorry, I was bitten by one once. For me, those are a nightmare." Eternia shuddered at the memories.


Dolltopia outtake

"Prrrrrr bristle?"someone said from the side.
Eternia turned her head and shuddered again. "No, nobody called for you, Nightmare!"

The horse of the headless school director of the Monster High deeply disappointedely hung its head .


Dolltopia outtake

Without hesitation, Eternia climbed into the box labeled "Transport" and started rummaging through it. Then she hauled out a bicycle.

"Well, better than nothing!"
"Can you ride this metal horse?"
"No, but it can't be any more difficult than riding a horse!"
"Well, at least a horse has four legs..."
"Don't be silly, Sinistra. So do you want to go for a ride or not?"
"Yes, I do!"
"Then let's lurk around the door to see if there'll be another parcel! Curiosity is killing me!"

Sinistra laughed and got her horse in motion while Eternia wobbled ahead.

Nightmare stared after them and pouted.



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