Dolltopia outtake

"Push, Sinistra! Push harder!" Eternia gasped and used her whole weight to shove the parcel which the two women transported all the way from the front door to the doll room, mobilizing all their powers for the effort. "We're almost there!"
"Was it truly neccessary to intercept the parcel right at the door?" Sinistra asked out of breath.
"So, that's enough." Eternia wiped the sweat from her brow before going off on Sinistra: "Was it neccessary, you ask?! Look how long it took for this parcel to arrive and look what it looks like", she pointed to the damaged side of the parcel, "I will not risk our surprise vanishing to nirvana again!"
"Okay, you're right." The elementalist sighed and circled the box once to check it out.


Dolltopia outtake

"That's a really big box. I expected something slightly smaller."
"What do you mean? An inflatable hot air balloon or something?"
"I don't know. Maybe something that needs assembly? It doesn't matter. At this size... I wonder if it's a carriage?"
"No way! The boss said it's motorized!" Eternia shook her head.
"And what do we do while she's away?"
"What do you think? We'll take a peek!" Grinning the blonde fetched a big pair of scissors from the crafting table.

Sinistra gasped in shock. "We can't do that!"


Dolltopia outtake

"Of course we can! Just watch!" Eternia reached for the tape but it was too high up for her. "Hm, just help me with that foot stool, will you?"
"Alright." The other one knew that she couldn't stop her feisty friend from carrying out her plan anyway.

Shortly after Eternia climbed up and began to work on the parcel. "Yes, this is it! Cool!"
"Oh my, that will get us in trouble for sure...", Sinistra said weakly but still sat down curiously besides Eternia to help her. This whole affair was kind of exciting, after all...


Dolltopia outtake

When the parcel lid finally gave way and a big, green box poked out from under a mountain of brown paper, Eternia didn't hesitate for a second to crawl in to have a better look through the box window.
Curious, Sinistra leaned forward, too. "And? What is it, Eternia?"
"Whoooooa! I'm flipping out! It's a Vespa!"
"A wasp?!"
"No, a Vespa! A scooter!"
Eternia sighed and silently counted to five. "It's like the bicycle from yesterday, but it's motorized and much faster."
"Aaaah, I think I actually saw one of those driving by our house once!" Sinistra understood.
"Man, I can't wait until it's mine! I can go everywhere with this!"
"Can you use it to transport shopping, too?" Sinistra asked out of interest although she wasn't fully able to grasp Eternia's excitement. What was so much better about a piece of metal than a wooden carriage was?
"I can even transport you with this, Sinistra!" said the blonde, who almost pressed her nose flat on the window foil, with a laugh. "This scooter has a side car you can sit in."
"Oh!" Sinistra tried to imagine this, but she wasn't sure if she was looking forward to ride something else than a horse. "Isn't that dangerous? And can you even use that correctly? I don't want to nag, but the way you toppled over with the metal horse yesterday was a little bit embarassing to witness!"


Dolltopia outtake

"Wow, really?! You really wanna argue about the bike again? I..."

"What's going on here, if I may ask?!" a stern voice suddenly said close to them.

"Oh my!" Sinistra flinched when she saw captain Wati, who obviously was out on patrol. "Now we're busted..."

"What's is... Wati!" Eternia abruptly sat up when she noticed the man. He, however, flinched. 'Darn, I didn't recognize her. Again!'
"Guard captain Wati, what a surprise! What can we do for you?" the blonde asked sweetly friendly and batted her eyelids.

"What's going on here? You're not stealing post, are you?!"


Dolltopia outtake

Elegantly Eternia climbed out of the box. Climbed? No, she almost slithered out to face the man with innocent air and full of despair. "But captain! I would never steal, you know that!"
"So?" He raised an eyebrow in disbelief.
"Hey! ... Err, I mean, of course I wouldn't! And you know Sinistra, she would definitely never steal! We only checked the contents of this parcel for their intactness, after there was massive problems with the delivery!"

"That's true!" Sinistra exclaimed, happy that she didn't even have to lie in this case. "This other metal horse is intended for Eternia, anyway!"

"Hm, alright, then I'll believe that for now...", Wati said. He was still not convinced but didn't want to stay this close to Eternia for longer than neccessary. "Then all's well. So, good day to you!"
"Wait!" Eternia promptly called after him. "Actually, I haven't marveled at... your horse yet! What a noble creature! I love horses, you know!" The woman looked at him lyrically.

"Really, I thought you...", Sinistra said startled but shut up when Eternia warningly slammed her heel against the parcel.

"Err, yes... nice that you like my horse, Eternia. Still, I have to go now... Goodbye!"
"How sad. See you!"


Dolltopia outtake

Once the captain was out of sight, the women hauled the vehicle from the transport box to take a closer look at it.

"Gosh, Eternia, couldn't you have asked Mr. Wati for help? This is incredibly heavy!" Sinistra complained, but Eternia once again was glued to the window and ogled at the vehicle.

"Oh man... I would love to unpackage that right away!"
"Well, if you do that it doesn't take a wizard to predict a giant heap of trouble, after all!" the elemenalist warned her.

"I know...", Eternia moaned, "but let me dream!" Wistfully she stroked the scooter with her eyes. "Man, I hope I'll find a job soon so I can start saving for this!"
"Don't we need a street for that, in the first place?" the other one asked carefully.

All of a sudden Eternia's eyes widened and she looked like someone had drained all hope from her. "Oh no... If we have to wait for a street backdrop I'll never get the scooter!"

"Wait and pray, Eternia. Wait and pray!" Eternia patted her shoulder to comfort her.



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