Dolltopia Outtake

"So so, das ist also unser neues Haus", sagte Vater Löffel fröhlich, als er mit Familie und Freunden die ersten Möbel zum neuen Domizil brachte.
Opa Löffel rückte seine Brille zurecht, wandte sich an seinen Freund, Herrn Schleicher, und meinte: "Na, das wird aber recht eng mit so vielen Bewohnern."

"Ach", erwiderte der Katzenmann, "es wird schon gehen. Immerhin haben wir ein Haus!"
"Richtig", meinte auch Frau Schleicher, welche ihre Tochter fest an der Hand hielt. "Es könnte weitaus schlimmer sein."


Dolltopia Outtake

"Oh! Good day!" The house's front door opened and a woman approached them. She seemed to be overjoyed. "So it's true that we get new neighbours! We saw the house and wondered..."

"Oh my! Good day, Mrs. Puschel!" grandma Rabbit replied, but the woman waved a hand. "No, no, my name in these parts is Mrs. Ressapanda."
"Mrs. Ressapanda? Well, alright by me. Children always have to rename us... You just can't hold a grudge on the cuteness."

"Well...", said Mrs. Ressapanda with a tight-lipped smile, "our 'child' is almost 40 years old."
"Now, now!" Mr. Schleicher chimed in. "So it's an adult collector. Nice, that probably means we won't have to work much!" He was happy about that. It meant he would be able to lie in the sun and doze, just how it befitted a proper tomcat like him.
Mrs. Schleicher smiled. "That also explains why so many of us arrived at once although it's not Christmas."


Dolltopia Outtake

Grandma Chocolate Rabbit took a closer look at the renamed Mrs. Puschel. "Gosh, and what a posh outfit!"
"Well, yes, I think I'm now Japanese", was the amused answer.
"We all are, aren't we?" asked grandpa Rabbit with a laugh that everyone shared, since they were indeed a Japanese toy line.

Mrs. Ressapanda thought it was appropriate to share all information she had. "It is expected of us, however, to star in various photo stories!"

"Oh my, so I have to work, after all!" Mr. Schleicher sighed theatrically.
His little daughter was excited, though. "Does that mean all of us get new costumes, like you?"
"That is possible, I guess...", the woman answered.

"Well, there's going to be interesting times in front of us!", grandpa Rabbit hummed happily. It had always been a dream of his to play some theater.

"Let's wait and see", grandma Rabbit agreed.

For the first time the shy Mr. Koala chimed in. "Hopefully I may play the murder victim each time, then I won't have to act much."
"Murder? Oh my goodness! Surely we won't play detective stories, will we?!" grandma Rabbit laughed and the others - some of them nervous - joined the laughter.



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