August 03, 2013

Today my husband was admitted to hospital after he went to see a doc about strong pain in his side (which he thought was a pinched nerve) and they "coincidentally" found water in his lungs. So far nobody knows how long he has to stay there or what exactly ails him but surely you understand that right now I have other things on my mind than my comic. I'm sorry, I would have MUCH preferred to simply spend a nice weekend with him. :(

August 01, 2013

It's August 01 and I promised to give you info about Seekers' future today.

Unfortunately at this time I can only promise that there will be at least one update per week in the Colour Gallery. I hope to start with the comic around the end of the month and then toggle between comic and gallery until I'm back in shape after this very long pause in drawing.

For almost two weeks now my husband is very ill (sudden extreme asthma that doesn't get better despite taking three sprays including cortisone) and since then I'm just groggy due to lack of sleep and the heat.
He's slowly doing better but I won't get any rest before the x-rays and additional tests aren't done.
I do try to exercise my drawing despite all that but don't feel like I'm making good progress like this.

The detailed news on the continuation of Seekers which were planned for today will be posted in a few days when there's not too much cotton in my brain to translate them for you. And when I have bought a new mouse, since my mouse wheel died today and I can't use the zoom in the painting programs anymore.

July 10, 2013

*some explosions can be heard closeby*
It gives me some satisfaction to annouce that Eph's Den of Many Dolls and Eph's Dolltopia have been destroyed today. It was a truckload of work but those two websites are now completely merged with this site too. Finally the photos of the old photo story won't hog all the slots in the gallery news anymore! (Which is a serious reason for me to never publish a comic of any sort within that gallery system.)
What's still missing now is Eph's Den of Many Sims (the code is still not quite ready to go) and the galleries and some tutorials from the old forum. Phew!

New is an album about needle-felting in the crafts galleries.

To my surprise Mo gave note of working on remodelling the gallery so I can upload the Seekers crafts to several albums soon. Well, and I thought he had died from being overworked with other people's projects and lied rotting in some corner by now! Heh! Obviously anyone can make mistakes!

About Seekers: There should be something new in the gallery tomorrow! I'm honestly concerned how TERRIBLE I draw after that long pause but I keep exercising and draw again and again until the lines stop being shaky and going their own ways.

July 04, 2013

As a little treatment there's the first brandnew colour artwork in the Seekers gallery today.
About the Seekers comic: Mark August 1 on your calendar - there will be all information about the new schedule and the changes in the comic then! Until then a lot will happen in the gallery though since from now on I draw and paint daily.

Bad news for the readers of the photo stories though: For the time being, I can't give a date for its continuation, or rather, for its reboot since the old story has been cancelled in favour of a better one that makes more sense.
First of, the script my husband works on can't display texts yet and he's totally dug under at work. Hard to tell a story without text.
Additionally, I decided to remove Nareen as a main character from the story and replace her with a new magician lady. First I have to create that character though, which means I have to order all kind of single parts, paint the doll and sew her a complete set of costumes.
I work on bringing the old Dolltopia Story to the gallery system as an archive. It's not that pretty but at least that way I can still preserve it for reading. The new story will probably not start for another 2-3 months due to the delivery times from Asia etc.