February 14, 2015

Welcome to the newest edition of "Eph's flimsy excuses" with an overview of my plans for the next months. Actually I planned to write this earlier but I caught a fat cold on Jan. 28 (my birthday!) and it just doesn't want to leave!

Like mentioned before my husband now works at Bonn, with appr. 4 hours of commuting every day. So far the train has a failure quota of 40%, with delays of 5-180 minutes each. Our quality of life suffers enourmously from his lack of free time and the very different sleeping habits.
On the 21st we have a first appointment to view an appartment at Bonn. If that one isn't good we'll have to keep looking. We will cancel our current flat for the end of May and we hope to find a new flat quickly enough to get the move done in April or early May.

That means no real updates (especially Seekers and Sims) prior to June at best. I know I said March but at that time we still thought my husband would find a new job quicker! With a heavy heart, Dolltopia is also on hold until after the move.

Currently there is a new Dolltopia Outtake every few days (thus a short story), in which the dolls prepare themselves for the move. I don't need elaborate sceneries for that and can concentrate fully on the characters. Also, real live writes the best stories. ;)
In my opinion there are some very funny short stories, some hints at the later story and even some heartache. I will publish quite a lot of them since I write a scene for each important doll right before wrapping them up for the move - and I have a lot of dolls!
The photo gags will also recieve a few updates. I don't know if everyone can laugh at them - I'm more of a storyteller than a comedian, after all. ^^

Living Dead Dolls FashionWhat few free time I have right now I mostly spend on making sewing patterns for doll clothes and testing them. (For some weird reason I chose the Living Dead Dolls for my first fashion collection, of all things.) When I don't sew I tinker and craft.
Trust me, after the move there will a landslide of new content for crafts and handiwork of all kind.

After the move I also want to introduce some new sections and I promise most of them will be absolutely not about dolls. ;)
(To be honest, quite a few of them will not be available in English, though. But some will.)

XrayIn the end, let me cry about my leg for one last time: cry, cry!

I guess it's about time that I acknowledge to myself that it will probably never be the same again. I still have pain in the foot and lower leg and the way I walk is still awkward. I'm curious to see if it will become somewhat better when I'll have more time for walking again after the move, since I gained quite some weight and lost muscle power due to all the stupid lying around - when I had lost so much previously by walking! Currently I mostly sit around doing scans or sewing and barely get outside.

In a few months they will decide whether the plates will be taken out again sometime or whether they'll stay in forever. The doc also told me  that thanks to this I'm very prone to get arthrosis at a very young age.

Here's my x-ray from September, especially for all those who whinged at me for being in hospital instead of making updates, and for those who think one nail should be good enough to fix it. Woohoo!
(Those holes in the shinbone are from the external fixation, two of the six pins went through that point.)

To be honest: Arthrosis be damned, I would prefer if the plates stay in. Apart from the neccessary surgery: Would you trust your leg after the 16 screws are taken out and the bones look like Swiss cheese?



December 29, 2014

I hope all of you had nice, quiet holidays and I wish you all a Happy New Years! ^o^

For us the new year starts exciting and bumpy at the same time.
My husband got a new job at a university at Bonn! Sadly the contract is limited to three years but we hope that over time it will get prolonged or even permanent.
Sadly Bonn is so far away that we'll definitely have to move and quite far, to boot. There's tons of work to do in all kinds of sections and the website has to keep cutting back.

After some steps back my leg is now quite okay. Thanks to the hurt nerve my foot still hurts a lot and after walking ~2km I need a crutch but apart from that I walk quite normally again and the surgeon was very pleased with the latest x-ray of my leg.
Although I sometimes walk for hours I still have lots of problems on the local staircase, especially when I try to carry something.

Speaing of the website - today it's is exactly 15 years since the url went live. Happy birthday, website! So now it's a teenager. *wipes tear away*
Actually I had plans to celebrate that but due to all the chaos of the year the plan didn't survive summer. While I updated some articles (a handful of links actually are dead right now since the articles still have to be updated and/or translated) and uploaded a giant bunch of new (doll) photos to the galleries there just wasn't more time prior to X-mas to update more - just making the gifts for our relatives took me two months! I didn't want to celebrate without having something nice for ALL topics of the website, though.
So I decided to work diligently after the move again so the website continues to grow until its 18th. Then we'll celebrate its age of consent with a giant party. ;)

Since the light situation in my current doll room is a desaster Dolltopia was on halt until I was able to buy new lamps. Hopefully I'll be able to do the photo stories with only artificial light from now on. I do test whether the project would do better as articles than as galleries, though, and the first photos have to be taken again to match the later pics in style. Dolltopia will surely continue in January.

Currently I do have quite some material up my sleeve but almost everything is about dolls, crafts or model building since those things simply happen while I finish projects prior to the move or as preparations for the first chapters of Dolltopia.
Of course I do have truckloads of other ideas and plans but I really have no idea how much I can do before the move (or shortly after). It makes me very sad but my pretty graphic tablet is still barely used. :(

Oh yeah, although I said it on the forum I better say it here too:
In the foreseeable future we will move to a new, more powerful server so the website will probably not be available for 1-3 days one day when the url gets reconnected.

October 15, 2014

So, let's stop beating around the bush!

My (broken) leg doesn't annoy me as much as before but it's still giving me trouble in all kind of situations. The surgeon said it will take three years to fully heal.
In addition my husband is now unemployed and all decent jobs are so far away that we'll definitely move after he found a job and probation is over. (Also, I don't dare to set foot in the basement in this house anymore, as it was that ramshackle stairs I broke my leg on, so my husband has to do the wash. And the physiotherapist warned me of the 60 steps of the regular stairs here since they're very uneven. So even if the new job ends up being in this city we will move house.) This means that most of my time keeps going into training my leg and also into comforting my husband, uncluttering our household and even into packing moving boxes already - my energy level is still so low I rather do some of that work early while I can. I also try to finish as many of my numerous unfinished projects as possible so the components don't end up in various moving boxes later.

All of this means that I will definitely not come around to do anything related to Seekers this year. I'm tired, my nerves are worn down and I've got a truckload of stuff to do. I just lack the drive to draw and as I said before I want to get back into Seekers with all my power and not do a few pages and then take another break for moving etc. That only leads to mistakes.
There will not be any comic pages before March or even April 2015.

As for Sims, things don't look much better. I do have a few finished things lying around somewhere though, which I will upload once time permits. Then you at least have these few items.

Since I do need a LITTLE bit of fun though at least one big project starts:

Dolltopia - the new version of my photo story with dolls - starts this Friday!

This time with more dolls, more props and much more sense! Eternia gets a new roommate with Sinistra the elementalist, as Nareen retired.
Over the last weeks I worked hard on building a house backdrop and other new things for the story, Sinistra was repaired last minute (defect even before the start, unbelievable...) and today the sewing machine is running hot. I also ordered some small things to make the doll household better equipped.
If you wonder how I found the time to work on this then - most of the new props were on the list of projects to be finished anyway. I need a bit of fun after all the pain or I'll go crazy. And last but not least I only have to build props and clothes for the dolls once and then I can take a whole bunch of photos and write stories before I have to make the next item. Overall that takes up way less time than a drawn comic.

I hope you will have fun following that crazy doll soap opera. : )

EDIT Oct 17:

Dolltopia gets postponed a tiny bit to tomorrow, Saturday the 18th.

Ikea Essen suddenly carries the magnet boards that are perfect as basement in the dollhouse for the magnet boots of the dolls. I've gotta go there right away before they sell out - and since I'm fast as a turtle with my crutch...

August 26, 2014

The second surgery on my leg is almost nine weeks past by now and I slowly learn to walk again, now that I may put my full weight on the leg again. I'm still a bit in pain, can't do everything I want yet, mostly still have to stay in the flat und am quite the nervous wreck, especially since my husband's search for a new job starts in full force now.
Still, I try to work a bit on the website again because I'm tired of doing nothing.

As a first step I work on making the Monster High doll galleries complete to gain more space in my doll room for taking photos then for the Dolltopia photo comic and the photo Wacky Winglings.
Furthermore I have some finished craft items which I have to take photos of - partly to write sewing instructions and other tutorials then.
I doubt I'll find the calmness to draw and write before my husband found new work and I'm in better shape physically again. Right now I have to train my leg over and over and then recover.


Sailor Moon Pullip

Since I know there's a lot of Sailor Moon fans around here's a little tip from me. If you always wanted a Sailor Moon doll and also like my Pullips anyway this could be a thing for you. By the end of August Pullip Sailor Moon comes out to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the popular manga.

I'll pass on her but I think many fans will like her. Since each Pullip is only made for a limited time (usually one month) you shouldn't wait for too long in case you want her.
I might have bought her but my hobby money for September is already spent and I don't plan any farther without a new job. Or does anyone want to sponsor me with some money so I can buy her for Dolltopia? No? I thought so. ;)
If my husband has a new job in October and you left one available for me I might buy her, after all. But only for the wig and to give the nerdy Batman an equally comic-crazy girlfriend.

Europeans can buy her at e.g. Plastikpop. For US shops, take a look at Ebay. There should be lots of vendors who sell them. And nope, I don't earn anything for this advert, ha ha.


I bought this doll, after all, and can only warn everyone not to buy her!

A thourough review with photos of the desaster will be posted soon.


Oh, before I forget! Something about the Sims section!

No, I didn't stop making stuff for Sims, there just was no time for it thanks to my broken leg.
And no, there is no phishing in the downloads, Kaspersky has a super-stupid formula which spits out false alarms! Phishing in a download doesn't even make ANY SENSE!
The most important news though: We switched off comments in the Sims section. Despite many tries it wasn't possible to adapt the code to allow me to actually answer to your nice comments. Especially when someone posted a comment to an older set I could never find out where that comment was - the paths just didn't work. Since this is useless for all sides and Sims comments were the most overrun with spambots anyway we switched them off. If you want to say something or notify me of a problem please use the forum or write me an email. (Or post in the guestbook if it's just generic praise or rants.)
Still a big thanks to everyone who took the time to post there - even if I couldn't always answer, I read all entries!

July 09, 2014

Well, as mentioned by my husband in an earlier blog entry I hit the jackpot. I fell down the last two steps of the basement stairs and after my foot pointed backwards I was carried to hospital.

I broke my shank and spent almost three weeks in hospital. Both bones are broken and were repaired with steel plates after I had spent a considerable time with a fixateur - that's steel pins which are drilled into the bones and look like braces on the leg.

By now I'm back home but I'm not allowed to put my foot on the floor for six weeks. I'm on day 13 now of that period. I'm in strong pain - all nerve damage, probably - and the painkillers don't work. I can only spend very few time on the computer and the rest of what I can do is very limited too. Therefore all of my plans fall flat. Seekers isn't possible, to sim isn't possible, crawling around to take photos for Dolltopia or the galleries isn't possible. So far I only crocheted a doggie for my brother's other half.

Since I barely slept for weeks due to the pain my brain isn't in good shape either. It all sucks. I have so many new dolls and was so motivated...
Yesterday the stitches were taken out, next Monday is my next appointment at the doctor's. When the six weeks are over there's a chance that I still won't be allowed to use my leg in full right away and I'll also have to face physiotherapy. Currently I move through the flat either by walking frame or sitting on an office chair, in the evenings I train a bit with the crutches. The doctors tried to force me to use only those and jump down the 60 steps here in this old building alone all the time. My reply to that: Kiss my behind! The stairs aren't the best anyway, I'm completely worn out after lying around for weeks and barely getting sleep and my foot only has to touch ground once to break the leg again. So far health insurance pays for PTA to the doc but even if they wouldn't we would pay for it ourselves.

So sadly the website has to wait and rot until I'm better. All I can do is to work with barbells etc on myself so I don't loose even more muscles and become more mobile again, but creativity is just too hard. Most of the time I either cry from the pain or lie with my feet up.
Since I don't know what will happen after the six weeks are over I can't say yet when I can continue working again.