Puah, I'm finally back. Somewhat. I don't really make progress since I horribly underestimated how much work it is to clean up the old data and add it here. What I think will take two hours to add a certain topic ends up eating three days.

Over the last days I took a lot of photos and uploaded them, primarily Fillys and Re-ment. I know those aren't exactly the blockbuster galleries here but these galleries are now almost complete and I didn't want those pics to kick the more interesting pics out of the news right away. So I took care of them first. I also added a small bunch of old artwork.

Today I uploaded two pictures to the Seekers gallery. One of them was good enough for upload and one is new. Furthermore the "real things" Seekers gallery is back since I guess it will take centuries before the gallery is remodeled to allow pictures to appear in several albums at once.

The coder never lifted a single finger this year. My husband tries to tinker a bit whenever he can. At least now the gallery shows correctly if there are comments or not. He's still working on a comments overview so you can jump right into the discussion. The Sims Download Centre is also taking shape and the data import will probably start within the next days. Oye weh, that will be another time eater... ^^;

Alright, it's about time for plain talking!

Since the severe illness of my husband a lot in our lives has changed. Even though he's much better today they still found some problems and risks that require a new way of life. Since my health and especially my energy level have been in terrible shape for a long time too I share all the new activities, of course - the radical new diet as well as the daily exercise.
As a result I more than quadrupled my shape, lost 22 pounds, got rid of some annoying little ailments and bettered some others. But there is still a lot to be done before I can simply feel well, and I got new little ailments too. The training is still so tiring that I don't have any strength for delicate things left. Additionally I feel like my always shaky hormonal balance is completely off the bat now and e.g. my thyroid meds might need adjustment.
In addition to the exercise there's several sorts of family stress which shoot me out of orbit all the time.

I'll be honest - 2013 is the most terrible year in my whole life and I just want to cross it from the calendar and forget about it. My great new reboot turned into a constant in-your-face bashing from all sides and the great new homepage is still a crippled husk because nobody has the time to code the missing parts for me. It would annoy me to no end if I would start my Seekers comeback now - last minute, so to speak - and actually have to remember this year later!

In some way the last months were great too. I engaged myself with numerous media and analysed what exactly makes me like them and how my own way could look. Now I have a much more profound idea of what I want to achieve with Seekers and how to do it. Many of you certainly noticed in the galleries that my drawing style changed too. I myself changed too - my style, my clothes, my self-confidence. When I waltz around in an elven dress or feel great in goth clothes the ideas just come to me from all sides. My work will certainly profit from all these things. But even drawing exercise fell flat in favour of the hometrainer exercise.

So I have to be harsh now and decide that I won't work on the website before January. Now 2014 has to become my big comeback!
That gives me enough time to get my exercise in check, have some health checks done, kick the coder in the butt once again, explain to the second coder what I need, get some rest with my husband and prepare some more things.
I hope you're not too disappointed and that you can wait a little bit longer - at least usually Christmas time flies by.

I definitely won't rule out that there'll be new artwork this year though! I have some finished Seekers ink works and some of them are partly colourized already. Perhaps I'll also manage a Whacky Wingling or two.

The photo comic would have started already if not - like I said, the usual stuff this year - the seller let me down after the wig for the second main character vanished on the way. 23 Euro lost, thanks a lot. Never buy from tita-doremi on Ebay, I tell you! Luckily CoolCat has a better service and the last missing parts will arrive by the end of the month. So the new fantasy Photo Soap Opera will start directly in January too.

As for the Sims downloads, we're talking with a second coder and hope that he can take care of the download center code so that I can finally start updating that again too.

I hope to have a few tutorials, sewing patterns, articles and my link list ready to go in January too.

One more thing: My translator team is as good as gone which gives me lots of worry for the future of the English Seekers, photo comics etc. Anyone who's good in (British) English and is willing to check my translations for me please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(It's okay if you only want to check specific things, e.g. only Seekers. I'm glad for any help since Lirael can't do all the work and Sheora is very busy with motherhood!)

By now my husband is back at home but they couldn't find the cause for the thrombus and currently he has to take over 6 meds daily because they found other illnesses too. We have to re-arrange our whole lives and currently I'm just tired, especially physically. Which isn't a surprise when we march around for hours each day as fitness exercise and I often don't sleep well at nights due to worry. When my husband takes one of the meds too late the pain in his chest comes back right away.
As expected it will take somewhat longer before I can take care of the website again. First we have to get over this rather large hurdle.

My husband has been diagnosed with pulmonary embolism. He must not get out of bed anymore and a specialist will look after him now.

I will be gone for a long while, I'm afraid.

Today my husband was admitted to hospital after he went to see a doc about strong pain in his side (which he thought was a pinched nerve) and they "coincidentally" found water in his lungs. So far nobody knows how long he has to stay there or what exactly ails him but surely you understand that right now I have other things on my mind than my comic. I'm sorry, I would have MUCH preferred to simply spend a nice weekend with him. :(