So. For most of this month I was busy with a very important crochet project and then I had a bad cold, there was my birthday on the 28th and now I have the bad cold again. Still, there's some news:

- Today I worked for many hours on the newest try to create a new font for Seekers. The result can be seen in the forum - where I will post all news about Seekers from now on. Things are slowly getting in gear now.

-  By now the Sims downloads are all uploaded here, the url was redirected and the old page was deleted. I tried to include a module which shows the latest files but so far it's neither pretty nor sitting at the desired place. Still, at least it works. Therefore I will start simming again starting in February. Update notices can be found in said list (on the main download explanation page) and in the forum.

- For my birthday I was allowed to buy a new sewing machine. That's very exciting and surely I will excessively abuse it for some more days before I can concentrate on other things again. ^^

- I have loads of new dolls and furniture sets and I'd like to realize a short story with Monster High dolls but when it comes to thinking up said story my mind goes blank.

Happy new year to all of you!

Welcome to the upload marathon. :P
Currently I spent 5-8 hours a day on the computer and upload old stuff or work on updating old files. The Sims Download Center is already bursting and the galleries get fuller and fuller. I also work on some articles but to be honest I cannot write decently when my husband plays videogames or watches tv in the background, so I only write rough versions and will finetune them for publishing when he's back at work. ;) (He diligently works on the code for the Sims section though!)

My husband is still on holidays until January 09 and until then I won't announce anything special since of course I want to spend some time with him too after the exhausting holidays. (And also because I still have to move almost 600 more Sims files here...) So far everything looks good though for a good start on all fronts.

My Manga Studio program runs like a charm - even the 3D part. ^^d I still have to exercise a lot though and read the tutorials/ do the exercises before I can make my comics with it. But I'll make it! And there will be something new to see all the time in the meantime.

I wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year's in advance!

Today there are photos of my Xmas present, various other photos of dolls and crafts and re-uploaded old artwork and a new artwork in the Seekers gallery.

I'm not sure yet if I can finish the second picture today since I made a last minute decision to crochet two gifts and we're gonna bake cookies today. But I'll try.

My Manga Studio software arrived yesterday and I can't wait to dig deeper into it after the two holiday days! I also bought a small book in which I doodle every evening and I will take it with me tomorrow to have something to do on the train. 2014 will be so exciting! ^o^

Hooray! Hooray! HOORAAAAAAAY!

This is teh bestest Xmas evar! EVAR! (Spelling fully intentionally wrong, of course!)

Some days ago I downloaded the demo of a - to me - new graphics software and my husband installed it in Wine (Linux). And lo and behold, it works! It works! It woooooorks!
You have no idea of how happy I am right now. After working for 14 years with Paint Shop Pro from 1999 and becoming more and more desparate in the light of the limited possibilities and awful crashes now I finally, finally have modern software that I can actually work decently with!

Tomorrow it will arrive - the parcel with my full version of Manga Studio 5 EX, the world's leading software for comics. I'm gnawing on my desk all day, waiting for it to become Monday. ^^
I bought the 160 Euro professional version, just to be save than sorry. PSP6 wasn't any cheaper back then and having more tools and options also means being satisfied and happy for longer. I'm so excited!
This program will be a tremendous help, with build-in screentones, page layouts, speech bubbles and text tools espcially made for comics. In case we can even get the 3D options to work after all new worlds for backgrounds and buildings will open up for me. And the functions for coloured artwork are great too.

Hooray, hooray, hooray! You can't comprehend for long I suffer from bad software!

For the first time in years I am not mortified at the thought of drawing but on the contrary am happy like the sun! Yesterday replacement tips for my Wacom pen were delivered. I just put one in and then I disassembled the tablet and polished and cleaned it as well as possible and I also polished my lightboard. Yesterday I drew on paper, today I work on digital colors. Finally drawing is fun again. : )

Uhm, what else?

- Tons of new pictures in the galleries. Photos of dolls, photos of new crafts like Amigurumi or pom pom animals, various old (and in some cases freshly colourized previous sketches!) artwork in the galleries (Anime and Fantasy). I'm slowly running out of photos too so if you're sick of them you can be happy, ha ha.

- The article about how my Nareen Pullip was made is finally done, one about drawing comics is in the works. I disabled all other articles in the dolls section for the time being until I have them revised, decorated with piccies and finally translated to English.

- The section for photo comics was created and the old photo story was archived there. Sadly the fabric store had me wait for one month for the fabrics for the outfit of the main character and when the seller of the wig finally delivered it after four months it was broken! So the start of the new photo comic has to be postponed until at least February since the new wig is still on its way. There are some pictures in the forum of the face of the handpainted new main character - elementalist Sinistra

- I try to get some artwork for the Seekers gallery online until the 24th. Two artworks are halfway done.

Oh yeah, and to everyone: Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Puah, I'm finally back. Somewhat. I don't really make progress since I horribly underestimated how much work it is to clean up the old data and add it here. What I think will take two hours to add a certain topic ends up eating three days.

Over the last days I took a lot of photos and uploaded them, primarily Fillys and Re-ment. I know those aren't exactly the blockbuster galleries here but these galleries are now almost complete and I didn't want those pics to kick the more interesting pics out of the news right away. So I took care of them first. I also added a small bunch of old artwork.

Today I uploaded two pictures to the Seekers gallery. One of them was good enough for upload and one is new. Furthermore the "real things" Seekers gallery is back since I guess it will take centuries before the gallery is remodeled to allow pictures to appear in several albums at once.

The coder never lifted a single finger this year. My husband tries to tinker a bit whenever he can. At least now the gallery shows correctly if there are comments or not. He's still working on a comments overview so you can jump right into the discussion. The Sims Download Centre is also taking shape and the data import will probably start within the next days. Oye weh, that will be another time eater... ^^;